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Have an idea to change the world? Apply to the #HalcyonIncubator fellowship program! #socent

Have an idea to change the world? Apply to the #HalcyonIncubator fellowship program! #socent


"boys dont like it when-" 



note that “transness can be chosen” is not the same thing as “all trans people consciously chose to be trans” and it’s also not the same thing as “transness is always a freely made choice”

I have such fucking mixed feelings about pride because I want to give more representation to pansexual people but I also know that pride is really problematic for a lot of reasons but also I just wanna party with all my awesome queer friends but also I don’t wanna support the same institutions that hurt my other queer friends fffuuuhuhuhuhadfal;dkf k ignore this


hello muslim followers!

seeing as ramadan is beginning, let me know if there is anything (i.e. food, nsfw text, etc.) you would like me to tag a certain way, or if there is anything i can do to make your ramadan tumblring experience pleasant

ramadan mubarak!


ew tumbllr’s pride logo

thats so tacky and fake how about you fuckers show some lgbt support by deleting the blogs of twerfs and all the other anti-lgbt fuckbaskets instead of the queer kids who fight them


I’ve thought a lot about my pronouns and about using different pronouns….. nonbinary ones probably. Maybe animal-related ones. But I really think no one would take me seriously and people would be dicks and I’m scared. And I’ve said a lot of cissexist bullshit in the past (and still do, I’m sure, though I’m trying to improve…) so I feel like a lot of people would see me as a hypocrite. fuck me for caring so much what everyone thinks but whatever.


i made some sj ponies for you and your blog!

feel free to use these as your sidebar picture or whatever— please don’t repost this or remove my comment! ; ;

Cailin Russo shot by Ted Emmons

We were really good friends in 4th grade. And seeing this pop up from some person i don’t even know is insane to me